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Vendor Briefing Best Practices

As the saying goes, you ask two people for their opinion and you can get four opinions. What you're takeaway to this page is there are lots and lots of resources to excel at analyst relations & on this page, I have included some of my favorites and why.  

Conference Room

Do you want to brief analysts and don’t know where to start?  Here are a few of my favorite blogs on this topic: Acing the briefing.

The Analyst Briefing Basics by my co-host Beth Torrie. This really starts with the basics such as researching the analyst, their background, how to structure a briefing, etc. She also links to a bunch of great resources created by analysts. 


I highly recommend you read this blog and the blogs in the links before you brief an analyst. 

Meeting Room

This blog brings up bad memories of briefing bloopers, again a must read before your first briefing.

Conference Room

I love this blog because it explains how to use inquiry along with briefings to excel at analyst relations. It also provides some great inquiry questions if you don’t know where to start with inquiry. 

Business Conference

One best practice is to check your analysts’ social pages to see if they have written on the topic and then follow the instructions they provide. (Or if they have reposted about the topic). 


Here’s a great post about doing your homework on an analyst before the briefing so you don’t waste precious time on introductions. 

Quick Sync

I love this blog because it spells out slide by slide how to ace the analyst briefing. 

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