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Ask two people for their opinion and you can get four opinions.   There are lots of resources to excel at analyst relations & on this page, I have included a few of my favorites and why.  


Do you want to learn about Analyst Relations in short chunks of information. Check out The Bendy Show Podcast that I host with Beth Torrie.

Work Desk

Do you want to brief analysts and don’t know where to start? 

The Analyst Briefing Basics by my co-host Beth Torrie. This starts with the basics such as researching the analyst, their background, how to structure a briefing, etc. She also links to a bunch of great resources created by analysts. 


I highly recommend you read this blog and the blogs in the links before you brief an analyst. 


Are you just starting an AR program and don't know which analysts to target?

Are you wondering how to keep track of your interactions? 

Are you looking for a CRM built specifically for Analyst Relations data?

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