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Ask two people for their opinion and you can get four opinions.   There are lots and lots of resources to excel at analyst relations & on this page, I have included some of my favorites and why.

Do you want to learn about Analyst Relations in short chunks of information.  Check out The Bendy Show Podcast that I host with Beth Torrie.

Work Desk

Read this blog, 5 Insights Startup CMOs Should Know About Analyst Relations  to learn when one vc firm thinks you should start an AR program, Examples of the value of Analysts and How to find the “right” analyst

office space

Are you sharing a demo with an analyst? Do you know what analysts look for in a demo? 


My favorite part of this blog is the start, start with the persona you are selling to and the problem they have and how this demo of this software will help this persona solve the problem. 


The reason I’m posting this blog & I expect why it was written, is too often, the demo presenter starts with showing off the software instead of the back story of why this software is even needed in the first place. 

Discussing the Numbers

Are you looking for a CRM built specifically for Analyst Relations data? Check out Arinsights. 

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