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Wendy Shlensky

Wendy Shlensky, The Analyst Relations maven

Wendy Shlensky is an out of the box thinker and Analyst Relations maven. What is a maven? It is someone who translates complexities into lay language.


She is passionate about brainstorming ideas to aid in message differentiation.


She has been working in with industry analysts for over 20 years, starting at Giga Information Group, Forrester Research, starting the analyst relations program at Cognizant, creating a CoE at Infosys, starting a program at HGS before starting her own analyst relations advisory consulting firm, Canopy Communications & Marketing, Inc.


She specializes in creating analyst relations programs globally. She enjoys training would be analyst relations professionals and has introduced more than a handful to a new, exciting & rewarding career in analyst relations.


She lives in NYC with her plants & her Instapot. She is the producer and co-host of The Bendy Show, the podcast for AR professionals. In her “free” time she enjoys viewing art, exploring a city and walking.

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